Amegadrum synth sounds not samples option?

Started by pianokeyjoe2009, March 10, 2016, 07:20:23 PM

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Hello! I was reading on the drum machine feature of the atmegatron and notice some features that outweigh or cause the omission of more usable features in the drum machine OS. As an 8bit synth, would it not be better to use 8bit synth waves shapes with noise gen and ring mod? Instead of using samples,use all synthetic wave shapes and add percussive envelopes and sub osc for bass sounds. Case in point: SYNSONICS DRUMS! These drum machines used 8 bit synth waves,velocity sensitive pads,16 beat(count to 16 in 4/4 measure and beat repeats after count 16 allowing 1 or 2 variations in beats),6 note polyphonic playback(bass drum pulse,low tom,hi tom,snare,hi hat closed and hi hat open). The unit was not midi,did not have synthesizer functionality and you could not store your one custom beat after power down.. ATmegaDrum has far better features and can do all that a cheap 8bit toy drum machine could do and more. Please.. synth drum sounds instead of samples,midi cc messages so a midi controller can manipulate the sounds and record/play start/stop, and above all: 16 beats instead of 4 beats! Most cheap toy and keyboard beat machines did 8 beats(repeat pattern after 8 counts). Lastly auto quantize 16th note 100% 50% swing. And adjustable SWING to allow straight dance beats or go to reggeaton and swing jazz/dance beats..


Making a drum synth software version is definitely on the "to do" list!  It's not simple though - completely different to the sample-based Atmegadrum.  I think I'd be able to get it to synthesize 3-4 drum sounds before it ran out of steam.  So enough for some basic beats.
I ran out of memory to add swing to the Atmegadrum.  All of it is eaten up with samples! Would be possible with drum synth though.