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cannot load software on new mac

Started by rui-gen, February 06, 2020, 07:28:25 PM

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I have a limited edition Pete Fowler atmegatron
I got the lead with the machine
I cannot load software onto the machine - I have in the past on an older mac but I have now upgraded my MAC and it will not work
The black wire on the PIN is too the left
The switch is also in correct position
I have installed the correct driver and the newest version on easy uploader
Im pulling my hair out!
My MAC is running MAC OS Catalina 10.15.3
please help!


Hi - can you post the output of the console. Tick the box in easy uploader.  Try to upload the hex. Then paste the result here.


Hi Paul

Sorry for the late reply!

Here is the box:"/private/var/folders/7d/yd1mtszj1kn2g3605wwf8wwm0000gn/T/AppTranslocation/79A6CAF2-21F9-40C2-9C75-29AA7EB3F928/d/" -c arduino -p m328p -C "/private/var/folders/7d/yd1mtszj1kn2g3605wwf8wwm0000gn/T/AppTranslocation/79A6CAF2-21F9-40C2-9C75-29AA7EB3F928/d/" -P /dev/cu.usbserial-A906XJIZ -U flash:w:"/Users/simonboyles/Music/Samples/Atmegatron/Strings/StringsV1-3.hex":i


That's odd, it's sending the command to upload, but then not doing anything at all.  No errors or any signs of it trying to upload.  I'll locate a machine with Catalina and come back to you (my machine is still stuck on high sierra).