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Started by rio, August 06, 2021, 11:24:21 AM

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I have a couple of questions about the Librarian and User waveforms:

1. Which user waveforms are pre-installed on the atmegatron? Is it possible to download the currently uploaded waveform of the atmegatron back to the librarian?
2. When I go into user waveform mode and then select waveforms >6 and listen - What is being played for these slots? I can hear different sounds up to patch 15.
3. Will alternative firmware (odytron, atmegadrum etc.) overwrite the user waveform memory?
4. Are Waveforms stored by "easy uploader" backup too?
5. Is there already a newer version of the librarian? the old one actually makes 100% CPU stress in win7 using java8. I know we had discussed this in the past, but it hasn't improved on my WIN7.
6. The picture above shows 0..15 user waveform slots in the Librarian. Is that a bug or unqualified as only 6 patches are allowed?

thank you and greetings, rio


6. The number of user waveforms is 16. I found an old release note:

Saturday, 11 July 2015
Atmegatron (and MiniAtmegatron) Source Code v2.0 Beta
    User waves increased from 6 to 16 (used in conjunction with Librarian software)

cool  8)