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Updating sofware problems

Started by lastave, October 01, 2017, 08:40:03 PM

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I bought a Atmegatron on craigslist a while back and it is super rad. I wanted to change the midi channel but it was not working like the video. The serial number is very low less than 100 so maybe outdated software. I decided to update the software and bought the kit from Soulsby. When I connect the FTDI cable it is ok by itself but when I plug it into the atmegatron I get an overpower message from the computer. I tried looking for a short on the atmegatron and found that farthest right two pins are connected. It matches up with black and red wires from the cables perspective. Unit works totally fine otherwise.

I would really like to check out the string synth version but I would be just as happy to get it to be on another midi channel.

Thank you for the help.


That's correct, the last 2 pins (on the black end) are ground and CTS, so should be connected to ground, as CTS isn't used.

The Atmegatron doesn't actually use the power pin of the FTDI, so it is very strange to get an overpower error. Can you let me know the make/model of the FTDI cable.  Let me know if there are any markings on it.



Thank you for the confirmation of the pin connections.

FTDI is TTL-232R-5v
Purchased a week ago from soulsby.

I checked with a 2nd computer and got the exact same USB power down results.

Thank you.


Can you email me a picture of the base of your unit to:
I'll then continue dealing with the issue over email.  This is a very bizarre issue and I think it'll require either a new FTDI cable or repair to the Atmegatron.