how do i install the software v3.1? and how can i tell if i have a 2PCB or 3PC?

Started by sampler_hi_tech, December 10, 2018, 10:37:33 PM

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Hi, Im currently waiting for the courier with my miniAtmegatron, and im reading the manuals, and watching the tutorials, but have some questions regarding the software,

how do i uploaded or make use of it ?
when installed those it give me a type of controller, editor or vst? (like the lemur or Ctrlr)
and, what is the difference with 2PCB and 3PCB ?

thanks in advance :D


Upload instructions are here:
or video here:

Lemur and Ctrlr are just methods of controlling the miniAtmegatron via CC messages.  They aren't VSTs, but you can control it from your DAW over USB MIDI.  All parameters are available on CCs.

The main change was the RGB LED, which has different pin-outs. You'll see issue2 or 3 written on the PCB.  If the LED colours look wrong, just try the other one. It won't damage the board.