changing midi channel on uploaded software

Started by Piombo, March 17, 2016, 03:08:40 PM

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I've just managed to upload the atcyclotron software into my ATM (thanks again for the tips ;) )but now the classic "turn off turn on with the left button pressed" to open midi channel selection seams doesn't do anything and the atm just turns on as normal, what's the way???


Ah yeah - I'm afraid that the Atcyclotron is still yet to be updated to the Version 2 libraries (which has the normal MIDI channel change).  Unfortunately it doesn't have MIDI channel change at the moment.  I'm definitely going to update it soon though!
Atmegatron and Odytron currently use v2 libraries. Atcyclotron, Delayertron, Duotron and Atmegadrum are still waiting to be updated.
However.... Delayertron and Duotron have a temporary fix for MIDI channel. If you go to the MIDI tab in the Arduino sketch, about 40 lines down you will see byte MIDI_channel=0;   Change this to any value you want and then upload the software again.
Hopefully I'll have all software versions up to date by summer (it's quite a big job!).


So basically as i have it sequenced from midi passing from the midi through of another instrument the acyclotron would be triggered no matter of what channel is it set on and I would have to have it sequenced on his own?! (thankfully my akai mpc2000 has two different midi outs so I can chain all my instruments on A and have the ACycloton. on B, but still this is a big limitation for the software in a live/studio environment, please let me know for updates!)