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Atmegatron 2.3 improvements?

Started by pianokeyjoe2009, March 10, 2016, 07:07:54 PM

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Hi, I was playing with my synth and realized I do not need a limited 1 bar sequencing feature but instead would like more synth waves and other features like mono-legato unison mode for detuned layered sound waves. I know these features would be possible by omitting the far too limited 1 bar sequencer/arp feature. Also,drum or percussive wave shapes would be steller and very doable since it would be synth waves not samples. 8 bit Casio and Yamaha portable keyboards of the 80's had nice drum sounds along with their nice selection of fully synthesized melodic waveshapes. So I know that this can do it easy since it is still a computer based synth(Arduino platform uController system). And maybe, duophonic sound output to allow more than one note output at one time. Is any of this possible enhancements to the 2.3 OS if the limited sequencing feature is omitted?


I think these changes would have to be for different version of Atmegatron, rather than an upgrade.  I wouldn't want to change the actual spec of the classic software.  Just tweaks and improvements.
The Duotron is duophonic.  It's worth noting that the synth engine has to work in a different way for Duophony.  So it's  a different sounding synth.