Multiple Atmegatron instruments in a song?

Started by AUXelerate, April 03, 2014, 04:52:26 AM

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Is it possible to record more than one sound from Atmegatron at a time? I'm using Native Instrument's Maschine with the Maschine 2.0 software, and after a bit of poking around (Never used any external gear outside of my Maschine and keys), I managed to get channel 1 and audio in to work as it should.

Then I made another instrument for it and put it on channel 2, trying to get a different sound to play, but it just played the new sound on the first instrument.

I think this should be possible(?), or how are all those Atmegatron demos made on your homepage? :D

I'll re-read the manual, maybe I missed something...



The Atmegatron is monotimbral.  This means that it only plays one patch at a time.  The way the demos are made is by recording the synth into the DAW software, part by part.  I don't know the NI Maschine software, but I've just had a quick look at the website and this is definitely possible.  So the basic process is:
1)  Create new sound on Atmegatron
2)  Create a MIDI track and record and edit MIDI notes
3)  Playback MIDI track while recording onto audio track
4)  Mute the MIDI track so that it stops triggering the Atmegatron
5)  Save patch on Atmegatron, just in case you need sound again (see manual for how to do this)
6)  Back to step one!

The Atmegatron pushes the Atmega processor to the absolute limit just to generate one sound.  You'd need more Atmega processors to play more than one sound at once.   
If you're using a modern DAW (like Maschine) there shouldn't be any need for it to be multitimbral.  If there's a specific thing you want to do that requires it to be multitimbral, let me know and I may be able to think of a workaround.

Paul  :)

P.S.  the current version of the Atmegatron software (v1.1) only responds to MIDI channel 1.  v1.2 is still being beta tested, but it will allow you to choose the MIDI channel