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control with arduino

Started by mix3rn, December 25, 2015, 03:00:56 PM

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Is it possible to change the pitch / play notes with a variable resistor plugged in on a analog input on the arduino?

Example. I use a potensiometre connected to the analog pin on the arduino to change pitch on the sound output from the atmegatron .

Do i need to use the arduino as a midi-controller to do so?

Thank you.
, Mats


You could replace the pot RV1 with your own device.  RV1 controls pitch and volume (depending on switch position).  All the Arduino's analogue inputs are used, so you couldn't have both the pot and your own device. What ever device you use should be between 1k and 100k ohms.
You don't need a MIDI controller to do this (although you can also change the pitch via MIDI).