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Atmegatron hardware hacking

« on: November 05, 2015, 02:15:14 PM »
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sorry if this has been covered somewhere else, but i couldn't find infos about hardware jacking for the Atmegatron. I have got PCB issue 2 (not a version in the metal and wood case), and I can see two connectors, CONN8 and CONN7, that are unused. I was wondering if those could be used to add some more potentiometers, before adding the code to make of of them?
also there is a the SW1 switch on it. What is its use?

Thanks yo!


Re: Atmegatron hardware hacking

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Hi Yan,

CONN 7 and 8 are for the flyleads in the Complete Atmegatron.  The PCB version has PCB mount audio jacks and the Complete version has chassis jacks.

I'm not sure there's anything particularly useful that these could do (unless you were building your own case). 

There are 2 more places that pots could be added, that's pin 22 and pin 19 on the Atmega328P schematic.  It'd involved some pretty steady soldering though!

It'd be pretty easy to add this to the current Atmegatron code.  You'd need to hack the AtmHardware library.


Re: Atmegatron hardware hacking

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Thanks a lot for the infos, Paul. Yes, you are right the chip pins are really small! I think it's better for me to use what is already available instead of destroying this cute chop :)