"Lite" Version of Atmegatron

Started by GPSchnyder, May 28, 2014, 04:20:14 PM

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Hi there,

you mentioned a "Lite" Version of the Atmegatron in your PalmSounds Demo of the Synth. Can you tell us some more about it?

Sorry if this is the Wrong Forum, but I think no other matched my Question better.



I'm just ordering the prototype today! :)
It will take the form of an DIY kit Arduino shield. You'll get the PCB, components and instructions. This will then slot into an Arduino Uno (not included).
You'll be able to trigger sounds via a potentiometer and button on the shield. Advanced Arduino users will be able to flash their Arduino to turn it into a MIDI device.
It'll be very similar sonically to the Atmegatron Complete, but won't have the full feature set.  I'll do a comparison table nearer the time.
Obviously it'll be a lot cheaper!
I'll upload some pics of the prototype when it arrives.