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Synth becomes unstable after 5 mins

Started by Easyglover, December 07, 2014, 11:27:47 PM

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Hi, I've just started using my synth as part of a setup using midi data from the daw. It seems to work perfectly for a few minutes then stops responding to pitch data, it plays the timing data but the pitch just slowly meanders around.... The knobs also all cease to function and one time it went quiet altogether.
Switching off and on fixes it for a few minutes.
Any ideas?


Hmm very bizarre.  A couple of questions: 

  • Are you using the standard Atmegatron software or one of the alternative software versions?
  • Is it doing this when using just a particular patch or all the time?
  • Are you transmitting MIDI clock from your DAW?  (you can tell because the MIDI LED on the back of the Atmegatron will flash every beat when you press play in the DAW)
  • Is there any other kit in the MIDI chain or is the Atmegatron going direct to the MIDI interface?
  • Can I check that you're using the power supply that came with it (Stontronics 12V 2A).
  • Can you let me know the serial number (it's on the bottom of the synth)