Use Atmegatron as an effects module?

Started by mharpum, February 13, 2015, 04:38:34 PM

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I am wondering if it would be possible to set up the atmegatron as an effects module.  Do you have the capability to re route the headphone output to be used as an input? Then use the jack for output or vica versa? Just thinking this would be awesome if you could use it as a bit crusher/filter/reverb/delay/whatever other effect you can cram in there module.




Unfortunately the Atmegatron doesn't have an audio input.  There is potential for a hack to add an audio input, it would involve a bit of soldering though.  The potentiometers on the top row wouldn't be usable either, as you can't read at audio rates + scan the pots.
Still may be able to do interesting things with it.  I think the hack would need to void the warranty though, as one slip would zap the processor.
I was thinking about doing a Eurorack module that does pretty much what you suggested.  Maybe I should pursue that further....