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Odytron MIDI response glitching

Started by scamander, August 19, 2017, 11:14:44 AM

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My Odytron (serial 129) worked fine for about  two weeks. Then the MIDI response became erratic.
Sometimes it plays a sequence of notes as intended at the beginning, but soon only some of the notes are triggered. This is accompanied by hanging notes and/or modulated oscillator bleed and fast flashing of the value knob.

MIDI LED on the Odytron is on even when Logic is not stopped.

I am using Logic Pro X, latest version. The problem occurred with the previous version as well.
MIDI clock is off.
Different software versions give similar results.
Changing patches does not make a difference.
The PSU is original, I have no other MIDI instruments in use.


Could you try upgrading the firmware to the latest Odytron firmware. V1.2 is here:
Let me know if that improves matters.  Also let me know if the red MIDI light now responds as you would expect or if it is always on.
If it is still always on, pull the MIDI cable out.  Is it still on?
Trying these things, will help me diagnose the problem.


After installing the V. 1.2 there was no MIDI response at all. Not even the LED. I took the power cord out, plugged it back in, and now the unit is completely dead.


Can I check that you flipped the programmer switch back to the right (when viewed from above).  The MIDI won't get through if the switch is in the programmer position.
If it is in the correct position, email me at and we can arrange a repair.