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Stackable headers

Started by OpAmp, August 28, 2015, 05:30:45 PM

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Congratulations! Very nice concept!

The miniAtmegatron is delivered with headers that are soldered at the top face of the PCB. Would it be possible that I replace some of them with stackable headers? I mean, is there some solderpad foreseen at the bottom of the board so that I can solder the stackable header? These headers may maybe hamper a bit the accessibility of buttons and pots, but it would allow me to easily use jump wires to further experiment/extend the design.

Kind regards.


Yeah sure, stackable headers will be fine. That would be a good way to add MIDI ports to it in fact.
The only downside would be that it wouldn't fit into the enclosure (when it becomes available).  But if you're using it more for experimentation, you probably won't want it in an enclosure anyway.
Just make sure you get long headers, so that the shield clears the USB port.