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Any more Atmegatrons?

Started by Neal Beard, November 09, 2017, 01:53:55 PM

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Neal Beard

Aghh! I couldn't get to Synthfest and so wondered if the remaining B stock has gone, or if the ATmegatron will do another production run?
Or does anyone have one they want to sell me?
Many thanks


If you haven't already, join the mailing list for info on a very small number of Atmegatrons which will be available in a couple of weeks.  Info will only be available on the mailing list:
After they've gone, it's eBay only!!  There'll be more info on the new range of Atmegatrons in the new year. Aiming for launch at Superbooth.


Where can we see the plans for 2019, Paul? I take it that there are going to be new Atmegatrons next year, right?


Hi - I'm still working away on ATX.  Apologies for going silent, there's just so much to do.  To confirm the new ATX range will consist of:
Atmegatron II - 2 Atmegatrons + new powerful control interface
Atmultitron - 8 Atmegatrons, analogue filter, analogue VCA + control interface + keybed + joystick
Separate Eurorack modules of Atmegatron, Filter, VCA, Controller (required for control of other modules), possibly joystick/keybed interface and other IO modules.

The idea of ATX is that it's expandable, so 1 controller can control upto 8 synths and 8 fx cards (filters, VCAs, fx etc).

Let me know if you want any more info (apart from price, still can't do that yet I'm afraid!)