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Atmegatron librarian CPU usage

Started by rio, September 28, 2017, 11:34:13 AM

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I have noticed that the librarian has a strong cpu load even if the program is only open (idle). Pls, can you analyze/notice the same, is there a fix around this?

- Windows Version -



I've not noticed this.  It's a fairly lightweight application.  The only thing that is remotely demanding is redrawing the waveform. What is the spec of your PC?  Is the application working correctly apart from this issue?


Today, I wanted take a look about it in detail.

Some weeks ago, I had to go for Java JRE 8 for another purpose and sadly, now I can't open the librarian anymore. It stays in memory as process, but it doesn't shows me any GUI - and there is no error message!. OS is Win7. Please can you take a look about it?

thanks and greets,


Hmm - I'll investigate.  I haven't updated Librarian for a long time.  My suspicion is that they've changed the Java runtime and it's no longer compatible.  If it's just a case of recompiling it in Netbeans I'll do it.  If it requires a massive rewrite, I'd be tempted to do it in Qt. I've kinda given up on Java!


Hey paul,

Thanks for all support (the firmware updates are great!), but I wanted to ask again, if there is any news on the mentioned librarian bug? Many Thanks & Good succeed.

Best regards, rio


Hi.  I've just done some tests.  I'm afraid I don't have any machines left on Win7, they're all on Win10, but I'd imagine the problems would be reproducible on both OSs.
I did a fresh install of the 64-bit installer on website.  The machine didn't have any Java or Netbeans (the IDE it was written in) installed.

I did notice that the installer behaved very oddly. It sat there for a good couple of minutes doing nothing, but eventually it did install successfully.

I then launched Librarian and it behaved completely normally. The Task Manager was showing 30-40% for Librarian, but no other apps were doing anything!  I thought a fairer test would be to play a Youtube vid in the background and see how it coped.  Screenshot attached. 

The performance of the app isn't great, but Java is famed for being processor intensive.  I don't think there's actually anything wrong with the app.  It's not bad enough for my laptop to heat up or anything!

Could you try completely removing Librarian and all Java run time installs.  Then download and install Librarian again.  It has the Java environment inbuilt to the installer, so no need to install Java manually.

Let me know if it starts behaving then!


I tested it again on Win10 and the latest Java version. I also notice a considerable CPU load of 40% there (See picture below). Under Win 7 I have 44% CPU load on all cores. Something doesn't seem to be idling with the librarian.

Greetings, rio