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microtonal scales

Started by kriszuki, November 22, 2014, 08:11:02 AM

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Just received a new Atmegatron, it's great synth. I have a software request!

It would be really interesting to have a way of adjusting fine tuning per note to set up microtonal scales?




Glad that you received your synth OK!  Very interesting idea to add microtonal tuning.  This is something that you could play about with yourself, pretty easily.

  • Download the Atmegatron Arduino code from the downloads page.
  • Then open up the project (I'm assuming you've already installed the Arduino software)
  • Go to the MIDI tab
  • You'll see at the top of the code, an array with every frequency of MIDI note (in Hz).  See the pic:
  • Tweak the frequencies as much as you wish.  You may find it easiest to copy the array to a text file, then open in excel as comma separated values .  Tweak the values. Then save off as .csv and copy back to the code.  (this is what I do!)
  • Then upload to the synth (I'm assuming you've got the FTDI cable and have installed it)

If you haven't done any of this before, just watch this vid:  It's all really easy!

Good luck with it and just ask if you need any help with any of this.



Nice one Paul, I will have a play around with that.


No probs.  Just realised I posted the wrong video link.  Should be:

It may look daunting if you've not used the Arduino software before, but I think you'll find tweaking the note frequencies and then uploading pretty straight forward.