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Reset all settings to default ? :-\

Started by emanuel_robert2001, December 26, 2016, 10:18:24 AM

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Hello guys, I just got my MiniATmegatron. Really nice device (definitely a lot of work behind with the coding).

My question is : what would be the simplest way of resetting all values to default?


Have a default patch saved to it. Then unplug and plug the USB back in to reset


Yes - if you haven't saved over the internal patch, this is the best way to do it.
If you have saved over the internal patch, here's the settings for the default patch:
Waveform 0
Filter 1
Filter Envelope 1
Amplitude Envelope 2
LFO  type 0
LFO speed 5
Wavecrush/Portamento 0
Pattern 1

Filter Cutoff 255/255
Filter Envelope 255/255
Filter LFO 0/255
Amp LFO 0/255
Distortion 0/255
Filter Resonance 140/255
Pitch Envelope 0/255
Pitch LFO 0/255
PWM 0/255
Phaser 0/255
Volume 60/127