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Odytron for miniAtmeagtron

Started by tonalaxis, December 26, 2016, 06:32:55 PM

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For those who haven't noticed the front page

Thanks Paul for porting this over. I know it's not official yet but I hope we will see a decent amount of MIDI CC's available. :)
Looking forward to trying it out(will have to dismantle my case and shield soon)


At the moment it's just the same as the mini software, with identical mapping.  I'm going to upgrade the mini software and do proper release of Odytron with all params on CCs early next year.


Thank you Paul. Really good support from you. :)


Just popping in here to say that I recommend trying out the Odytron port for miniAt. It sounds amazing!!


Hey Paul, hey everyone, first post!

Received the two atmegatron mini I ordered in the mail yesterday, soldered them and instantly blown away! They're really awesome, and sound great! :D

I built one into its enclosure and left the other one open for hacking. I then downloaded the libs (2.5 and 2.6), currently running 2.6 and flashed the odytron software. I was able to un-xmas the sequencer by setting the sequencer variable back to MINI, but have a question: when the odytron is flashed, the sequencer keeps chaining all pattern in a row, not looping. How do I get it to work like on the miniatmegatron, cycling 16 steps?

When I replace the 2.6 lib sequencer code (4 files) with the old one (2.5), I get compiler errors.

Also, any hint on what the pots do in odytron mode?

Any help appreciated! Thanks!  :D


Yes you can find the code that does that at the bottom of MinOdyEngine.cpp (v2.6). Just delete the following:

if(sequencer_->getStep()==15 && sequencer_->getPattern()!=0)

I should have really wrapped that in the conditional if for Xmas code!

You'll need to use all the V2.6 libs together, replacing just one lib will probably not compile. Let me know if you still get any compile errors.

The pots control identical functions to the normal miniAtmegatron software apart from:  Distortion controls Osc 1 pitch offset and Phaser controls Osc 2 pitch offset.

The functions are also mapped to identical features in the Ody engine ( I think cyan only only controls portamento, as there is no wave crusher).

I'll definitely have the final version of Odytron for mini uploaded by the end of this month, with all the Xmas stuff removed and extra MIDI CCs added.


That worked out great, thank you for sharing the code snippet! miniOdytron happily looping away! :D It's great fun!

Also won me over to order to order an Atmegatron as well (at Music Store)! Really look fwd to that!  ;D

I think I'll use one of the minis for hacking - one simple idea is a pushbutton instead of the jumper, to enable uploading and still have USB MIDI, especially when using the enclosure. And maybe one could try Arturia-Style minjack MIDI I/O as well ..

The Idea is use a stereo minjack cable to connect directly to a beatstep pro.


Very nice, like it more than the Atmegatron atm.


Quote from: centrifuggel on May 04, 2017, 06:19:06 AM
Very nice, like this Testogen site more than the Atmegatron atm.

Same here, at first I didn't but I think it's much better than the atmegatron atm now.