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miniAtmegatron / Re: Is Miniatmegatron open source?
November 25, 2017, 03:33:46 PM
Hi yes all code  is open source and on github:
However someone has just alerted me that there is an issue with latest mini libraries.  If you download v2.6 you'll be OK.  Will hope to have working libraries up to date by next week.
Odytron / Re: Odytron updates
November 09, 2017, 02:25:30 PM
Yes - will hopefully get the Odytron and Strings done this month.  The others will have to wait a bit as they need converting to the C++ classes.  Should have an Atmegadrum II ready by end of year though.
Software announcement / Atmegatron v2.5 released
October 31, 2017, 01:15:57 AM
V2.5 is released!  It's available here:

new features are:

* Global settings reorganised. Function dial still does MIDI channel. Value dial does multiple on/off parameters. These currently are:
0 = Enable MIDI thru
1 = Enable MIDI program change
Red knob = parameter on
Yellow knob = parameter off

To access the global settings, power the Atmegatron on while holding down the function knob.  Cycle power to leave global settings

* The test button works again with Arpeggiator patches

* Fixed a couple of warnings when compiling in the Arduino IDE

* Add MIDI CCs for all parameters.  These are:
1   Pitch LFO (small range)
5   Portamento
16 Filter env amount
17 Distortion amount
18 Arpeggio type
19 Arpeggio clock div
20 Wave crush preset
32 Waveform
33 Filter Type
37 Filter normalise mode
38 Filter envelope invert
39 LFO invert
40 Arpeggiator PingPong
41 Proportional Portamento
42 Wavecrush pre-filter
71 Filter resonance
72 Amp envelope release
73 Amp envelope attack
74 Filter cutoff
75 Amp envelope decay
77 Pitch LFO (full range)
78 LFO shape
79 LFO clock div
80 Amp envelope sustain
81 Filter envelope attack
82 Filter envelope decay/release
83 Filter envelope sustain
91 PWM amount
92 Amplitude LFO
93 Filter LFO
94 Pitch envelope
95 Phaser amount
123 All notes off
Thanks very much for doing this!  I'll add this as a setting for the next software update.
Everything else / Re: Feature Requests
October 12, 2017, 09:20:53 PM
1) yes - I have been wondering about this for a while. A knock-on issue will be Easy Uploader.  I'd need to reserve more of the EEPROM for storing extra universal settings. That can be done though.  If I put MIDI program change in, it'd def be via a setting that can be enabled/disabled. I hate MIDI program change - the number of awesome synth sounds I've lost because of it!!

2) Ah that'd require an external flash chip.  Thinking of doing something like this via a flash card for the next Atmegatron.  Sadly not possible for the first one. Nearly all software versions use up the entire 32kB!

3) Def yes for the next atmegatron. Had a few requests for this!
a) Neither of those warnings will cause you issues. Although technically the first one is a bug - should be #if EXP_ENVELOPES==1 . But the result is the same, so won't cause you issues.

b) Definitely *.ino.standard.hex  .  Are you building the project with Arduino IDE and then uploading with Easy Uploader?  Obviously for easy debugging, it's fine to upload with Arduino IDE.

c) I compile using Atmel Studio + Visual Micro.  The compiler settings may be different with Arduino IDE.  This would explain  differences in size. I'd be tempted to use Atmel Studio if you want to do major hacking to the code - it's a lot friendlier!

d) Ah yes I'd forgotten about this.  It's a knock-on effect when I fixed one problem, I created another!!  It's going to take a bit of tracking to find out exactly what happened.  It looks like it should work from browsing the code.  So I'll have to put some time aside to sort it out.  At the moment I can't even tell you where the bug is.  It's either in void AtmEngine::midiNoteOnReceived(unsigned char note, unsigned char velocity)  or possibly in the Arpeggiator class itself.
Hmm - I'll investigate.  I haven't updated Librarian for a long time.  My suspicion is that they've changed the Java runtime and it's no longer compatible.  If it's just a case of recompiling it in Netbeans I'll do it.  If it requires a massive rewrite, I'd be tempted to do it in Qt. I've kinda given up on Java!
Atmegatron / Re: CC for Volume
October 11, 2017, 12:22:15 PM
Yes amp envelope would be good, if it's just a fade in and out on each note.  There's nothing wrong with setting the volume digitally for effects, but it wouldn't be a good way for setting the fixed volume of each song.  (ie sending out a volume CC when you load a song).
Atmegatron / Re: CC for Volume
October 10, 2017, 10:48:07 PM
Hi the function to call is in: 

You need to set a value for EnvLevel.  You can do this in the CC list in the normal place in the engine (AtmEngine::midiControlChangeReceived).  However you'll have to call the amplifier directly, not via the patch.  Also ... be warned, by setting the volume digitally  you are changing the bit rate of the sound.  So if you set the bit rate to half, you're changing the 8 bit sound to a 7 bit more.  Halve it again and it's a 6 bit sound.

It's how the miniAtmegatron works, but I didn't think it was suitable for the full Atmegatron, hence the analogue pot.
Atmegatron / Re: Updating sofware problems
October 05, 2017, 03:27:14 PM
Can you email me a picture of the base of your unit to:
I'll then continue dealing with the issue over email.  This is a very bizarre issue and I think it'll require either a new FTDI cable or repair to the Atmegatron.
Atmegatron Librarian / Re: Atmegatron CPU usage
October 02, 2017, 06:21:36 PM
I've not noticed this.  It's a fairly lightweight application.  The only thing that is remotely demanding is redrawing the waveform. What is the spec of your PC?  Is the application working correctly apart from this issue?
Atmegatron / Re: Updating sofware problems
October 02, 2017, 06:20:19 PM
That's correct, the last 2 pins (on the black end) are ground and CTS, so should be connected to ground, as CTS isn't used.

The Atmegatron doesn't actually use the power pin of the FTDI, so it is very strange to get an overpower error. Can you let me know the make/model of the FTDI cable.  Let me know if there are any markings on it.

Fault report / Re: Odytron MIDI response glitching
August 22, 2017, 09:26:54 AM
Can I check that you flipped the programmer switch back to the right (when viewed from above).  The MIDI won't get through if the switch is in the programmer position.
If it is in the correct position, email me at and we can arrange a repair.
Fault report / Re: Odytron MIDI response glitching
August 21, 2017, 03:05:47 PM
Could you try upgrading the firmware to the latest Odytron firmware. V1.2 is here:
Let me know if that improves matters.  Also let me know if the red MIDI light now responds as you would expect or if it is always on.
If it is still always on, pull the MIDI cable out.  Is it still on?
Trying these things, will help me diagnose the problem.
Fault report / Re: OSCIDRUM
August 15, 2017, 07:32:21 AM
Hi, can I check a couple of things:
1) power is on to module before and during upload
2) black wire of ftdi is facing down
3) successfully installed ftdi drivers (on downloads page)
4) if yes to above try a restart of Mac. Sometimes needed to fully install ftdi.