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I think ALPS RK09D1130C2P should fit.

The 6 potentiometer at the top are all the same, right?
What are the "values/parameter" for the volume and boost potentiometers?

Greetings, rio
Hi paul,

Can you tell me which potentiometer is used for the distortion (which is on the far right)?
That Potentiometer is scratching a bit with me. Maybe I like to replace it.

Is it "Logarithmic" or "Linear"? Please, can you tell me the resistance value, the shaft-height in mm, the type (pin count, identification/product/model number)?
thank you.

Everything else / Re: Post your songs!
June 22, 2018, 11:39:26 PM
hey ToyKeeper,

after I could hear the songs in peace at home :D - here are some thoughts about it:

easy does it draft 1:
  these are really nice lead sounds and melodies that you created there. The recording sounds a bit overdriven, but maybe it was your intention. Personally, I think it would sound better, if not so distorted - especially in the bass area, there is a lot lost by that. You can certainly rasp at one point or another, otherwise thats quite passable... I would cut it a bit more. The combination of the bass melody with the lead sounds is really cool ...

digitest 1: is the arpeggio sound by atmegatron? it sounds nice melodic ... although the part is quite strong. the other sounds in the background are not bad either;) not misunderstand me - I really like both tunes;)
Everything else / Re: Post your songs!
June 20, 2018, 08:22:41 AM
Well, as it turns out, dragging my feet was an understatement.  I still haven't gotten back to it, months later.


I've spent most of my music time lately looking for a better way to do midi sequencing, so I can capture ideas while exploring and then clean them up for a more organized render later.  And I just got a Digitakt to help with this, and to serve as a drum machine.  Hopefully it'll help me stop dragging my feet and actually get some songs done.

yeah ..for sure, that's important.

I really like the combination of Atmegatron and Microbrute, retro digital plus retro analog in a single dirty sound.

post a picture !

I really have to listen here under bad conditions at work, but what I have listen so far sounds fantastic (both songs)!
I have to listen to this at home ;)

Greetings, rio
Everything else / Re: Post your songs!
February 12, 2018, 08:20:44 AM

thx :D
The song is stored in the hardware sequencer, which uses a few more instruments of various devices, which I then recorded live.

QuoteI'm not entirely sure whether the lead in a middle section was a processed Atmega or something else though.

Part C is definitely the SID part. But there, the phase of the two channels could be better. The SID instrument is a sync + ring modulation.
Part D starts with Atmegatron lead...,  Part b/B starts with odytron rhythm. The Arps are all from a second SID board.

QuoteAnd though the notes seemed at first to be missing, it worked as a nice effect when D came back later.

I think I wanted to let a little air there ;)

QuoteI've been dragging my feet on a song lately.... Hopefully I'll finish the song soon so I can put it online.

I'm curious, I want to hear it ;)

I laid out a structure with the bass line and then tried to put other stuff on top.

That's fine. I think I always start with the beats (which could also be a bit more varied) and then I work on the bass and back to the beats.
It often happens to me that some parts are a bit too stiff, a little more variation could make the thing even more lively. I forget to granulate the parts even more. .. and what I unfortunately do not use enough are my two old speech synthesizers!

Greetings !
Everything else / Re: Post your songs!
February 07, 2018, 08:18:21 AM
here is my first tune, where the odytron sets the rhythm and Atmegatron plays the melody - regardless of any other instruments I used for that song (SID, 303, virus, p2k).

Greetings ;)
Atmegatron / Re: CC for Volume
January 19, 2018, 10:50:56 PM
Quote from: paulsoulsby on October 10, 2017, 10:48:07 PM
Hi the function to call is in: 

You need to set a value for EnvLevel.  You can do this in the CC list in the normal place in the engine (AtmEngine::midiControlChangeReceived).  However you'll have to call the amplifier directly, not via the patch.  Also ... be warned, by setting the volume digitally  you are changing the bit rate of the sound.  So if you set the bit rate to half, you're changing the 8 bit sound to a 7 bit more.  Halve it again and it's a 6 bit sound.

It's how the miniAtmegatron works, but I didn't think it was suitable for the full Atmegatron, hence the analogue pot.

Would it be possible the "use of CC 7 for Volume" to implement in the option page (regardless of bit lossness)?

Hey paul,

Thanks for all support (the firmware updates are great!), but I wanted to ask again, if there is any news on the mentioned librarian bug? Many Thanks & Good succeed.

Best regards, rio
Odytron / Re: Odytron updates
December 08, 2017, 11:38:32 PM
Many Thanks!

Best Regards, rio
Odytron / Odytron updates
November 06, 2017, 07:28:51 AM
Thanks a lot for atmegatron 2.5 update - fantastic!
Is there a chance that an update is pulled for odytron too, for some common features, like prog.change configuration aso.?

Best regards,
Everything else / Re: Post your songs!
October 20, 2017, 09:37:55 AM
ok thx for info. Your recorded patches/patterns are well arranged ;)-

QuoteThe main difficulty I ran into with this setup is that the KP3's effects don't have key tracking.  If I do a resonant lowpass delay, for example, the lowpass frequency doesn't change per-note...  so the resonance stays at one pitch and causes ear fatigue.  I may see if I can patch the Atmegatron through a Microbrute instead, with identical midi sent to both devices, in order to get key tracking on the filters and perhaps add an extra envelope and LFO.

You mean, something like an "envelope behaviour". I am not familar with kaos Pad, I think it's more limited. But atmegatron has envelopes too, for a creative sound modeling!
Otherwise, If you like to program sequences by hardware you can control some parameter of your kaos pad (x-,y-axes) by definable CCs from your arturia keystep or even OP-1 (but it's sadly usb...).

manual page 23
Controller MIDI messages transmitted and received (factory settings)
Touch pad X-axis Control change (#12)
Touch pad Y-axis Control change (#13)...

Never saw OP-1 before, but it looks like a great versatile seq/device.
Everything else / Re: Post your songs!
October 19, 2017, 05:33:32 PM
Wow! ToyKeeper ... good chippy sounding - only the beat sounds to me boring (the slip) - it has not much variety. But the lead & arp are simple great. Are the lead sound & arp from Atmegatron and how did you made it multitimbral? - did you record single tracks one after the other?

Thanks for your helpful replies.

d) I have looked over the code quickly, but for me it also something difficult to understand the whole internal handling. I would be happy if you could invest a bit time for debugging. If you like, I can test changes/assumptions, as I said.

Best regards, rio
compiled atmegatron with 1.8.4. give me:

AtmEngine.cpp:134:22: warning: extra tokens at end of #ifdef directive

AtmAudio.cpp:56:34: warning: cannot declare member function 'static void AtmAudio::initialize()' to have static linkage [-fpermissive]
static void AtmAudio::initialize()

a) was compiled, but are these warnings normal?

b) which binary file should be used for upload:
*.ino.standard.hex or or *.ino.with_bootloader.standard.hex?

c) i also noticed that my compiled binaries a little bit smaller then the precompiled ones on website. Are the libraries shrinked?

d) i noticed that arpeggiator presets can not be pre-listened via dialer knob anymore. If I send incoming midi notes it works fine, but not for testtone by a pressed value knob. But my old binary which was compiled with libraries version 2.1 can play the first note (in that case). For me, it was superb that I can listen to the basic sound of a arp preset (even without the use of Arpeggiator...). Is it possible to activate that feature again anyhow - it was quite useful (for prelisten the sound)? Or can you tell me which source would block the testtone routine for arps? Anyhow, thats the reason, that I switched back to Version 2.1 at time. So I would be glad if I can use the last sources with same features ...
We have discussed this in the past too: