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What I did:
1. cut the connections of Tx and Rx
2. went back to original firmware
3. tested midi via Tx and Rx (serial) > worked
4. reinstalled moco firmware
5. reinstalled miniAtmegatron firmware
6. tested it with Tracktion 6 > it works!

Maybe the solution was to not connect the UNO with the miniAtmegatron board thru Tx and RX.

Yes DAW is at channel 1. I use the original Arduino Uno and the MacBookPro recognizes the midi device (MIDI/MOCO for LUFA) but there is no traffic either way. I also checked it on another Mac and with another cable with no success.
And yes, it works great through the internal audio out connected to my amp.
Maybe I should try to redo the Midi Hack. I'm a bit lost now...

miniAtmegatron Hardware technical support / how to get midi working
« on: March 19, 2016, 08:46:13 PM »
Hi, I am new to arduino and the miniAtmegatron.
While I succeeded to assemble the board - even the LEDs - and implemented the midi hack, I am not able to get my macbook and the miniAtmegatron to exchange midi signals. The MB sees the midi over USB connected arduino as MIDI/MOCO for LUFA but there is no exchange of notes. I use MidiPipe to test it.

Have I forgotten to initialize anything?


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