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Thanks a lot for the infos, Paul. Yes, you are right the chip pins are really small! I think it's better for me to use what is already available instead of destroying this cute chop :)


Atmegatron/Odytron Hardware technical support / Atmegatron hardware hacking
« on: November 05, 2015, 02:15:14 PM »

sorry if this has been covered somewhere else, but i couldn't find infos about hardware jacking for the Atmegatron. I have got PCB issue 2 (not a version in the metal and wood case), and I can see two connectors, CONN8 and CONN7, that are unused. I was wondering if those could be used to add some more potentiometers, before adding the code to make of of them?
also there is a the SW1 switch on it. What is its use?

Thanks yo!


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