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Odytron / Questions about this and the Atmultitron
« on: March 05, 2017, 04:23:51 AM »
Hi, I thought I would open this topic before anyone else could so I could also discuss the connectivity of it's competitors and of Arturia's Beatstep Pro and Keystep(better of the two.)

Out of respect-as for being a new member; and For respect of Soulsby and their loyal well rooted followers/innovators, I will not name the new synth from Roland's Boutique Line, unless it pertains to interconnectivity, but more importantly, these synths: especially with CV/and Gate:

I wanted to discuss the sequencer capabilities of other CV/Gate synths:
Specifically with "enhanced Sequencers:"
(Starting with most notable)
Oberheim TVP(and mini modular euro-rack)
Korg SQ-1 (innovative sequencer)
Korg Volca's (Can (quickly)swipe sequencer steps on/off oppositely)
Korg Arp Odyssey Module Rev-1 (use with SQ-1, has proportional pitch control)
Roland Jdxi (New update has slave synth chord note<type of cv//gate> and change chord scale (bass octave I believe up?/down)together)
As I believe these do not so much compete, but configure, as opposed to either the Roland A-01 will have too much(OR Both having the two major chiptune synths, the Atmultitron and A-01 mastering all the other synths above) to say as to having more cv-gate across only one chiptune synth only limits your enhanced sequencing synthesizers.

Need I say DSI's Rev2(1 C/V Gate) and;
As far as I know you can view oscillators from other synths on the DSI Pro 2 (4cvgate).

Nuff said. :o

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