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Oscitron / Re: pitch calibration question
« on: March 15, 2017, 05:01:52 PM »
Hey Paul,

I don't have a voltmeter, I worked it out through the CV.OCD manual. Here's what the manual says:

When CV.OCD is sending out a musical pitch CV, it uses a 1 Volt/Octave standard and has a range of 8 Octaves. Middle C (MIDI note 60) is set at 3 volts, so the output range is approximately MIDI note 24 (C1) to 120 (C9)
 C1 (MIDI 24) = 0V
 C2 (MIDI 36) = 1V
 C3 (MIDI 48) = 2V
 C4 (MIDI 60) = 3V
 C5 (MIDI 72) = 4V
 C6 (MIDI 84) = 5V
 C7 (MIDI 96) = 6V
 C8 (MIDI 108) = 7V
 C9 (MIDI 120) = 8V

I worked it out as best I could (I'm no math whiz) from there.

I think I was using the sine wave, the default wave after turning on the system (right?).

Oscitron / Re: pitch calibration question
« on: March 06, 2017, 06:14:08 PM »
Here's what I found working with the tools at my disposal, Paul. I am using a CV.OCD MIDI>CV device from my DAW. CV.OCD is like the beatstep, C1(MIDI 24)=0V. So I sent a D#2(MIDI 39)=1.25V signal for the first calibration, and a A4(MIDI 69)= 3.75V signal for the second. With the function knob on coarse and the value knob on 9, the pitch was A5. the pitch is A4 on a value of 6. I don't know if I was doing something wrong, but at least I can play the oscitron in tune now.

hope this info helps. please let me know if you think i was doing anything wrong in the process listed above. Thanks Paul.

Oscitron / Re: pitch calibration question
« on: March 06, 2017, 05:32:49 PM »
Thank you, Paul! I'll review the video and try it out. Let you know if I fail and have further questions!  ;)

I really appreciate your prompt support in this matter. Have a good one!

Oscitron / Re: pitch calibration question
« on: February 28, 2017, 08:57:54 PM »
Dude, a video would be great. Just reading through the freq V/Oct input process, I still have two questions. The process says input 1.25 V (Oct 3 E flat) and then 3.75V (Oct 5 A), but the manual says 1.25V is D#2 and 3.75V is A4. Those are all different notes, right? I'm trying to send a midi note from my DAW through a converter, so I want to make sure I'm playing the right notes!

Secondly, between steps 5 and 6, should one press the function knob to return it to Coarse Freq? Because when I do step 5, the function knob goes to Range. Should it be in Range or Coarse Freq when completing steps 6-11?

Thanks Paul!

Oscitron / pitch calibration question
« on: February 26, 2017, 09:55:53 PM »
I'm having trouble calibrating the 1v/oct input. It did not appear to hold the right pitch (A4) when I was trying to tune it with a MIDI note, so I attempted to calibrate it using the instructions in the manual. I'm very confused about the instructions, though, and I doubt I'm doing this right. I understand where the value dial needs to be for D#2 and A4, but what about the function dial? should it be in coarse or range mode when I begin pressing it in to calibrate the device? Should I have it in coarse mode for D#2, with the value dial on 0, and then put it in range mode for A4 with the value dial on 1?

Also, I'm not quite clear on the act of calibrating it. From the manual, "Then press and hold the Function knob until it flashes, whilst holding the value knob," what does "whilst holding the value knob" mean? Does it mean that I should press and hold it as well?

I've tried doing this correctly, but I end up with a different calibration than what the manual says should happen: "When course = 9, fine = 0, range = red, etc...the output will be A4 - 440Hz." Well, for me the output was about 890Hz. When I moved coarse to 6, the output was closer to 440, but it was actually quite sharp, and I had no way to fine tune it down because the fine knob was at 0 already.

So I'm concerned about the process for calibrating, and I'm a little concerned that even if I do the process right, the oscitron will still be pitched too sharp.

If anyone could help me with this (please Paul!), that would be awesome. Thanks.

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