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hi! I just typed Jave update in google and went to sun to download the latest. I did look for the offline installer. The msvcr100.dll file missing,also typed in google and found a forum that linked to:
Well nevermind, I got it working! Seems I needed to update Java and fetch a visual c++ 2010 file from Microsoft to get it to work at last! Thankyou for the submission!
Hi, I tried this one and it too has failed in Windows XP pro 32bit.  I have attached the screen captures here.
Hello! I was reading on the drum machine feature of the atmegatron and notice some features that outweigh or cause the omission of more usable features in the drum machine OS. As an 8bit synth, would it not be better to use 8bit synth waves shapes with noise gen and ring mod? Instead of using samples,use all synthetic wave shapes and add percussive envelopes and sub osc for bass sounds. Case in point: SYNSONICS DRUMS! These drum machines used 8 bit synth waves,velocity sensitive pads,16 beat(count to 16 in 4/4 measure and beat repeats after count 16 allowing 1 or 2 variations in beats),6 note polyphonic playback(bass drum pulse,low tom,hi tom,snare,hi hat closed and hi hat open). The unit was not midi,did not have synthesizer functionality and you could not store your one custom beat after power down.. ATmegaDrum has far better features and can do all that a cheap 8bit toy drum machine could do and more. Please.. synth drum sounds instead of samples,midi cc messages so a midi controller can manipulate the sounds and record/play start/stop, and above all: 16 beats instead of 4 beats! Most cheap toy and keyboard beat machines did 8 beats(repeat pattern after 8 counts). Lastly auto quantize 16th note 100% 50% swing. And adjustable SWING to allow straight dance beats or go to reggeaton and swing jazz/dance beats..
Hi, I was playing with my synth and realized I do not need a limited 1 bar sequencing feature but instead would like more synth waves and other features like mono-legato unison mode for detuned layered sound waves. I know these features would be possible by omitting the far too limited 1 bar sequencer/arp feature. Also,drum or percussive wave shapes would be steller and very doable since it would be synth waves not samples. 8 bit Casio and Yamaha portable keyboards of the 80's had nice drum sounds along with their nice selection of fully synthesized melodic waveshapes. So I know that this can do it easy since it is still a computer based synth(Arduino platform uController system). And maybe, duophonic sound output to allow more than one note output at one time. Is any of this possible enhancements to the 2.3 OS if the limited sequencing feature is omitted?
Thankyou for the reply! I so far like the synth but it is not the typical many knobs and at least a digital display setup I am used to with midi synths. The graphical librarian will make it far easier to tweak sounds on a 19" screen with trackball mouse and keyboard. I do know it will not do real time editing. I would have to tweak and send sysex accordingly. I was turned on to 8bit chip synths by the softsynth Plogue chipsounds. I wanted a real hardware version that would not require a multi-core cpu and 3gig ram and asio 2 card just to perform in realtime. I am amazed how this "arduino" can do so much with so little and my modern PC has so much lag with soft synth of the same type 8 bit sounds.. Please let me know when you get the 32bit windows app out. I need it.
I have purchased this very nice synthesizer with all the accessories and have installed all the necessary software to upload the synth files to the unit but to edit the synth itself, I would need an editor for the PC that allows a full big screen and mouse/keyboard to work with that would be far better than using the limited hardware interface. I was excited to install this into my Windows XP pro 32bit machine only to find that I can not do that! Does any one have a fix for this? I do not want to buy windows 7 or higher. I am using XP in a SSD drive with no paging file enabled and it works great with 2GB system ram,so upgrading is not an option. Is this software XP pro compatible or not? I get a run error of this file not being a valid w32 application error code 193.