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On the original Atmegatron (V 2.4 I believe) the filter LFO tends to malfunction when the parameters are really pushed. If the resonance is high, the LFO rate is above 12 or so, and the cutoff is low (or high depending on the filter) the sound becomes distorted for a moment (relatively speaking lol) and then cuts out completely. Sometimes it can be brought back if the parameters are dialed down but sometimes it just will just stay silent unless you either restart the unit or load a preset.
Software technical support / Strings Tempo Sync Issues
October 06, 2016, 11:33:22 PM
I've been using my electribe 2 to sequence my Atmegatron and several of its software versions without issues of any kind until Strings. Its tempo refuses to sync rendering the waveform cycler, phaser, and LFO largely unusable for anything beyond subtle modulation. I'm controlling it with my electribe through a Midi Solutions quadra thru box. I haven't had any latency issues using this method thus far but maybe I've just been lucky.

Has anyone else had this issue with Strings or any other version? Suggestions for a fix?