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Hi Paul,

I want to experiment with the LED patterns that the miniATM displays so that I can get quicker feedback about what is going on. I have a couple of ideas in this area:

1: instead of showing the control / number combination in the usual way, I'd like to alternate between flashing *both* LEDs with the current digital function colour, alternating with using *both* LEDs to show the pattern number in base 4 (using the four most easily distinguishable colours that the LED can make) . Can you tell me where I'd look in the code to try this please?

2: I'm really enjoying my miniATM, using it mainly via MIDI. I'd like to hack the software further now, so that when pattern '0' is selected (i.e. no sequence is playing), I can use the LEDs to show when a MIDI message has been received. I think I need to hack minEngine.cpp to call a function that flashes an LED when MIDI signals come in - but I don't know what functions to call!

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,



I've just built my miniAtmegatron, done the MIDI hack and am having great fun with it. One thing I can't figure out though is how to set the miniAtmegatron up so that the on-board sequencer isn't running but notes are triggered by MIDI - is this possible without changing the software - or can you give me some pointers as to what to change in the software if needed please?

Thanks for a great kit!


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