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I swapped some PSUs while moving things around and I'm not quite sure what was the Atmegatron PSU anymore.
The one I suspect is the right one is a 12v PSU at 2A. That PSU doesn't show the polarity but testing it on my multimeter shows that the positive is at the center.

Can someone confirm if this is the right PSU for the Atmegatron? Thanks!

I'm trying to figure out if there are any MIDI control changes implemented for the Atmegadrum by looking at its code. As I'm comparing with the Atmegatron code, I'm afraid I can't find any.
Since there is only 86 bytes left, I guess it will be difficult to add any. Does anyone can confirm this? I think Paul will know better but it doesn't hurt to ask around.

Atmegatron / What about the Atpolytron
June 19, 2014, 06:45:05 PM

first of all, I just would like to start by saying that I'm having massive with the Atmegatron and I consider it already as a key element of my music making workflow. Thanks for such a great synth!

Now onto my question, I saw a mention of the Atpolytron that was used to make nice chords for the Atmegatrance demo and I was wondering if this will be released someday and if so, when?

Thanks again!