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Cable from Spark Fun arrived today and software uploaded flawlessly.   ;D

I did in fact order a 5V cable. Running Arduino 1.6.5, Win 7.

Thanks again for your attention and insight.  Loving the territory this little box covers.  This software only opens the door to more possibilities.  Happy to have this sorted.

Here is the link:

I opted for this one because it was few dollars cheaper.  I have already set up a return for this one and ordered a replacement from Spark Fun.

BTW Im really enjoying the atmegatron.  Im eager to try out the atpoly, delayer and duo software.

Thanks again for your help.
Hello and thank you for your response.

I have tried to run duotron and atpolytron using arduino 1.6.0

My FTDI cable has a different color coding  I suppose that could be the issue but as I said windows shows the connection in device manager.

Running Arduino 1.6.x
Win 7

FTDI connected, switch to the left, ATmegatron on.
Port - Comm 6
Board - Uno

Cannot get any software to load without low memory message and then a series of sync errors.
A check in device manager shows the FTDI to USB connected and working properly

I am a newb with arduino and so understand very little so some help would be appreciated.