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miniAtmegatron / Re: Is Miniatmegatron open source?
« Last post by veryfungi on January 20, 2018, 12:32:21 AM »
I'm such a nit wit, I never even thought to look for it on your website. Like duh...  :p

I got the code uploaded... It was, uh, easy. :) I now have a blue LED on the left and a green/red flashing led on the right. Yippy :D They are so bright! I need to swap out some resistors.

I used the version 2 of the code, not sure if it matters, and if it does, what it effects. I need to connect it to an amp and print the instructions, and have some fun. Thanks for again for your help!
Atmegatron / Re: CC for Volume
« Last post by rio on January 19, 2018, 11:50:56 PM »
Hi the function to call is in: 

You need to set a value for EnvLevel.  You can do this in the CC list in the normal place in the engine (AtmEngine::midiControlChangeReceived).  However you'll have to call the amplifier directly, not via the patch.  Also ... be warned, by setting the volume digitally  you are changing the bit rate of the sound.  So if you set the bit rate to half, you're changing the 8 bit sound to a 7 bit more.  Halve it again and it's a 6 bit sound.

It's how the miniAtmegatron works, but I didn't think it was suitable for the full Atmegatron, hence the analogue pot.

Would it be possible the "use of CC 7 for Volume" to implement in the option page (regardless of bit lossness)?

Software technical support / Re: Flashing from Linux
« Last post by paulsoulsby on January 17, 2018, 02:23:58 PM »
Hi - I am really keen to get into using Linux, but I have zero knowledge about it and right now I don't have time (in the middle of developing new synth).  I don't have any Linux machines and even building one seems full of choices (which OS do you use BTW?), let alone working out how to use it!
If I give you the source code for the Easy Uploader, would you be happy to install and run it from Qt?  Qt is free and running it is as simple as opening the project and hitting the green play button. 
cheers, Paul
Fault report / Re: Very loud mains hum from audio out - fixed
« Last post by simeonnotsimon on January 15, 2018, 05:40:45 PM »
Hi Paul

Followed steps 1 thru 4 - the pins inside the housing were a bit squashed so I did what you suggested as well as cleaning everything and adding a bit of deoxit. It all works fine now. Thanks for your help. :)
Software technical support / Re: Flashing from Linux
« Last post by QM on January 15, 2018, 03:50:13 PM »
Hello Paul,

sorry for bumping an old topic, but is there any news on up/downloading the user presets via EEPROM on Linux?

while I still might be one of the very few Linux Atmegatron users, the avrdude command proved working very well indeed and I don't really have another operation system at hand right now...

any information would be greatly appreciated,
miniAtmegatron / Re: Is Miniatmegatron open source?
« Last post by paulsoulsby on January 14, 2018, 12:58:30 AM »
Hi - just follow the instuctions on the Downloads page!  It's really easy and doesn't take long.  All downloads are on that page (Easy Uploader and the hexs)
Also a tutorial video here:
Will email now.
Fault report / Re: Very loud mains hum from audio out
« Last post by paulsoulsby on January 14, 2018, 12:53:51 AM »
Hmm hope it isn't the soldering on that socket.  I'll probably have to ship it back to me to fix it if it is, as soldering that joint isn't an easy job.

Couple of things to try before getting to that point:
1)  Pull the cable off of the header.
2)  Scratch a screwdriver on the header pins to make sure there's a good metallic contact and there isn't any dirt or gunk on them.
3)  If you have a small flathead screwdriver, push it into the little long thin gaps on the white header socket. This releases the metal clips so the white plastic part of the socket comes off.  Look at the 2 pins, are they bent flat? If yes, try and reshape it so it looks like this: 
4)  Then reassemble and reattach cable.
Another option could be for me to post another blue cable to you. It's fairly easy to replace, you just need pliers to remove the 1/4" jack.

Don't worry if any of this is too much effort or goes wrong, email me and I'll arrange a return. Just trying to avoid you having to be parted from the synth!
Hello there. Hate to hijack the thread, but I have the same issue. It came from a retailer with a broken switch. Rather than return it, I would love to just have it repaired.
miniAtmegatron / Re: Is Miniatmegatron open source?
« Last post by veryfungi on January 12, 2018, 06:48:43 PM »
I'm sorry to bother you, this should be easy. I put "easy uploader arduino hex" into google and it laughs at me. I can not find anything called easy uploader. I followed the instructions here,

I was using admin command prompt, not power command, so I had to type it in perfectly, which I did, and it basically said windows does not recognize "C:\Arduino\hardware/tools/avr/bin/avrdude as a command. I do want to use the hex file because I am not a programmer at all.

I also don't know which of the two versions I should try. I used the only schematic I could find but now see there were two versions of the circuit board. I really appreciate your help.

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