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miniAtmegatron / Re: Build problems. Fried board?
« Last post by paulsoulsby on July 05, 2018, 10:49:57 AM »
Hi - what temperature did you have your soldering iron on?  As long as it wasn't on mega-hot mode, I'm sure the board will be fine.
R.e. the capacitor you replaced:  if the metal pads have been totally destroyed, you will need to use bits of wire to attach the cap to the traces.  Which cap was it that you replaced?
R.e. the LEDs.  Nearly all these pins are bridged!  I recommend buying some desoldering braid to remove the excess solder. There must not be any contact between the pads.
Also, there's no header in CONN4!  Don't forget to put this in - it won't work without it!
ok thanks, for your great explanation...
1) Yes these 3 are definitely logarithmic.  The others are linear
2) The codes are explained in the datasheet:
The 4 in "4225F" means that there is no sleeve to the pot, so it will wobble (some early units actually have this type, because I could not get stock of the other type)
The first 2 in "4225F"  means that there is a centre detent.  There isn't any need for a centre detent with any of the pots.  You use a detent when middle = 0 (but the Atmegatron only uses anti-clockwise = 0).
So technically and electrically PTV09A-4225F-B102 is fine, by you may find the differences annoying!

PTV09A-1025F-A203 will not fit the logarithmic pot holes.  They must be "dual gang" with 6 pins.

ok, it looks like they are: "Cutoff", "Reso", "Filter LFO":

1. So can I use "Alps RK12L12C0A0E" as a replacement? - they have 15A taper -> they are logarithmic - Are you sure? I ask, because the 3 others are linear.

2. For the boost poti: I don't find Bourns PTV09A-1025F-B102  --> only PTV09A-4225F-B102 (can I take these as replacement therefor?)
they are linear, right?

PS: With that middle number 1025F, I can only find these "logarithmic" ones: "PTV09A-1025F-A203" <--- but these are not the right ones, right?

Please, I need more details about these both potentiometer types...

oh - no 3 of them are different.  You'll see they are bigger.  Here's the part:  Alps RK12L12C0A0E

The bass boost pot is 1k:  Bourns PTV09A-1025F-B102
Rest are 10 k.
miniAtmegatron / Build problems. Fried board?
« Last post by CatizenSnaps on July 03, 2018, 12:53:43 AM »
Hello folks,

I recently sat down and put together a mini-Atmegatron kit and, upon completion, have found that it's completely functionless, won't power up at all. During the build, I had to desolder and refit one capacitor, and I fear I may have overheated and fried the board in the process - the metal circuit bit on the PCB peeled off slightly and I had a tough time getting the solder to stick again. I also had a little difficulty soldering the LEDs and I think I've bridged the three pins on one of them - I have a yet to correct this as I'm a little wary of desoldering following the prior problem. Is there anything I can do to try to fix it or is it likely that the board is irreparably damaged? If so, is there any way that I can purchase just a new board without the rest of the kit - the components and Arduino all seem fine. I've attached some pictures of the board for illustration. Still getting the hang of soldering and this is my first kit build, so please bear with me if this is more obvious than it seems. All feedback greatly appreciated!
I think ALPS RK09D1130C2P should fit.

The 6 potentiometer at the top are all the same, right?
What are the "values/parameter" for the volume and boost potentiometers?

Greetings, rio
ok thx.

The spec is:  10k, linear, 6mm diameter, D shape, 25mm height. 
I think Bourns and Alps both make one. 
Possibly worth a bit of contact cleaner first?
Hi paul,

Can you tell me which potentiometer is used for the distortion (which is on the far right)?
That Potentiometer is scratching a bit with me. Maybe I like to replace it.

Is it "Logarithmic" or "Linear"? Please, can you tell me the resistance value, the shaft-height in mm, the type (pin count, identification/product/model number)?
thank you.

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